A little history of our club

The Youth Entrepreneurs Club was meant to be the meeting point for all the young people who are interested in developing an entrepreneurial project.
With this club, we wanted to support the future young entrepreneurs by giving them useful information. In the club, the future young entrepreneurs had the possibility to meet partners from different countries, talk about ideas and opportunities and share experiences or problems.

This club was created in 2012 during the implementation of   “Youth for Democracy” project, in the framework of action 1.3 of Youth in Action program.
This project was carried by Solidarity tracks organization, in cooperation with seven partner organizations from France, Greece, Italy & Romania, organized four, 4-days meetings, in four European countries. In every meeting we involved a group of sixteen young entrepreneurs and other youngsters who had entrepreneurship ideas coming from these four countries, in total 64 young people in four meetings, (including young people with visual problems, deaf and young people  with fewer opportunities)
During the meetings the young people exchanged knowledge and experiences , they discovered new realities, new policies and initiatives in local level as well as the European policy for the youth entrepreneurship.

To find out more about the meetings and the outcomes of this project please click below:

Youth Entrepreneurs Club History