About E-Youth Patrimony

Craftsmanship is an art and practice that is essential to strengthen a country’s cultural identity. It symbolizes the culture of the region and allows the preservation and dissemination of local patrimony. It is also a real tourist and economic asset. It reflects the experience and memory that tourists and even locals have of the region. Crafts have a major economic role because they contribute to the country’s reputation and can generate, if they are promoted and supported, many jobs and sources of income. Crafts also make it possible to perpetuate techniques and produce works that would have disappeared over time, they protect the heritage of their region and country. Setting up international initiatives to support crafts and exchange good practices helps to enhance the value of European and international heritage.

Nowadays, craftsmanship is in difficulty. The number of craftsmen is decreasing, practices are less and less transmitted from generation to generation. It is therefore necessary to involve young people in crafts to prevent it from being lost over time, and to prevent part of the local heritage from disappearing with it. Promoting young craftsmen will boost the local economy, as not only will traditional practices be preserved and local heritage will continue to be promoted, but also new generations will be more sensitive to artisanal work if it is produced by young craftsmen.

Supporting young craftspeople is therefore important for economic, social and cultural reasons. It is in this context that our strategic project “E-Youth Patrimony” is located.

E-youth patrimony “is a  strategic network  coo financed  by Erasmus plus programme, which brings together a youth organizations  from  different  countries to exchange their practices and their experiences on the accompaniment  and support of young crafters, the development of their skills and their integration  in professional market  and setting up together activities to support the young crafters of our communities.

This networking project aims also  to set up common projects for young people of different profiles and abilities in the field of craft and handmade creations or in other interested topics  that occupy our  youngsters.

Our project has 3 components:

1- Establishment and follow-up a strategic cooperation plan to support young crafters and to integrate them  into professional  life. 2- Exchanging good practices in youth work between partners. 3- Cooperate  in common projects of common  interest that meet the needs of  our young people  & our  communities through : Volunteering / exchanges / training / youth initiatives / professional internships ….

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