Exhibition Gulnaz Fattakhova

Gulnaz Fattakhova was born in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, which is located in the European part of Russia. Her entire family works in technical specialties that is how she decided to link her hobby – drawing and the technical aspects. She grad­uated from the College of Arts on a specialty the designer. After graduating from the University, she decided to discover her country and get experience in different directions.  She started her career in a manufacturing company that deals with architectural solu­tions, where she had the opportunity to study materials and methods of processing it in production. A few years later, she moved to Saint Petersburg, a city that is the cultural capital of Russia. She started working in the company, which is engaged in the design of cultural, educational and exhibition centres as a designer-architect. Her main task was to generate ideas and actively search for ways to implement them.

Then she found out about ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteering opportunity from a friend who shared only positive emotions. She confessed that she chose the ESC project here in Lefkada, Greece  coordinated by Solidarity Tracks organization to discover new culture, traditions, to improve her skills, furthermore to gain more self-confidence while offering help to the people in need. As solidarity action, she made her service in the Elderly Care Center of Lefkada (coordinated by Solidarity Tracks organization), supporting the residents of the center in their daily life and in their creative development. Being on the Island gave her a lot of opportunities for creativity: research, drawing in the fresh air, good weather, and traveling on bike. This is how the idea of exhibition born. As her hobby she was painting details, places, spots of Lefkada with the aim, that these painting will decorate the walls of the residents in the Elderly Center. Since the elderly does not have the opportunity or the possibility for longer walks and enjoying the surrounding, she aimed to bring Lefkada in their homes.

The paintings are a testimony of living moments of the volunteer, beyond reality in everyday life, places she visited, she discovered, spots of beauty, moments showing the peace of the Island. Since Covid time was also part during her service, she took this period as a positive aspect.  She catches nature when peace and relax takes charge and shows itself. Mostly these moments were the source of inspiration in Gulnaz paintings.

Her style in the paintings is characterized by big color shapes, giving a unique dynamic for her artworks. The colors she chooses usually are more dark and intensive ones in order to give a more monumental aspect for her relatively small dimension paintings. Her works are representative, simultaneously classical and modern, formalist and expressionist.The patch of colors which characterize her paintings offer for the viewer adventures to be discovered. The exhibition with 27 painting, from which 24 are oil on canvas and 3 aquarelle can be viewed in the 3D online exhibition.

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