Von Walter(crafter)- Re-Pro-Pose

Name:  Von Walter
Country: Spain, Canary Islands

Walter Goller, born in Ghana in 1980. As the son of an African mother and an Austrian father, he spent his childhood in Ghana before moving to Austria.

In Austria, especially in the city of Innsbruck, he trained from 1990 at the art school “Glasfachschule Kramsach” to become a multidisciplinary artist.

At the age of just 21, he decides to move to the Canary Islands, where he begins to give his free rein to the fashion world and gain his first experiences as tailor and tailor workshops.

He also had the opportunity to work with the EGO brand haute couture workshop.

After experimenting with different designs and learning to use different tools and materials, the first prototypes came up with the concept of upcycling. Where others only see garbage, new environmentally friendly resources are discovered and brought into the collection with great attention to detail.

There are no limits to the creative world of recycling: Car tires and jeans are incorporated into the collection in such a way that more than 90% of the pieces are made from recycled material. With this base he begins to expand his collection; more urban and bold models, including shoulder bags, ergonomic backpacks, practical fanny packs, tobacco pouches and purses.

 Von Walter, +34 631 117 988
instagram: @vonwalter.fashion

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