Owner of the Rosmarino – Ασημένια Χατζηπαναγιώτου – Asimenia Hatzipanagiotou (Meni)

Rosmarino is a cottage industry which was born in 1998 in a small village close to Larissa, Greece. Initially, the main product of the workshop was traditional, olive oil soap with herbs and essential oils. Along the way new products were added to the range- traditional ointments, herbal extracts, oxygen therapy balls, scented bath salts and revitalizing spray. Our products are created according to our values…authenticity,purity, tradition, utility and quality. Rosmarino`s owner Meni offers workshops for visitors interested in making natural soaps, ointments while she will tell stories about the house, life, traditions and its values. If your visit will be around Autumn she will also offer grapes from her small garden.

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