BREADucation & Entrepreneurship

From the 3rd-11th May 2019 the Erasmus+ training course BREADucation took place in Tramonti, Italy. The project was organised by the Club per l’UNESCO di Amalfi and ACARBIO from Italy together with Solidarity Tracks from Greece. It brought participants from 10 different European countries; Italy, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and Croatia.

BREADucation was created to explore the power of wheat products in greater detail. Bread is a basic element of nutrition in many parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. It has played a crucial role in the diet since prehistoric times due to its nutritional value, economical price and the simplicity of the culinary use of its’ main ingredients. After the industrialisation of agriculture and food processing in the whole market, both the ingredients and the methodology of bread making have changed. As a result, so have cultural attitudes with increases in health concerns regarding the food. For this reason, it is important that education around the nutritional value of bread is spread while encouraging the preservation of traditional practices and promoting entrepreneurship. among the youngsters.

During the workshops, they also shared other information regarding their bread such as; typical techniques used, variations in the recipes, cultural attitudes towards bread, old anecdotes about baking and even some rhymes or songs passed down from through their families. Vasilis, one of the participants, was a bread-making expert from Greece, who had trained for over 20 years learning to make a traditional Greek bread using ancient practices. Vasilis brought his ancient sourdough, which was more than 200 years old, also called prozimi and he gave a special workshop with a detailed explanation of his techniques and a presentation of the history of his bread.

A set of video tutorial was created for each bread, as well as an educational tool created by the participants containing all recipes. This material will be freely shared and used for future activities by participants, partner organisations, all our network of contacts and anyone else interested in the topic.

Results of the Training:


BREADucation Educational Tool:

Videos of the workshops of all countries

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